The Lincoln Lawyer Movie Review

The Lincoln Lawyer Movie Review

Upcoming movie, The Lincoln Lawyer,” is the biggest courtroom movie drama surprise since 1985’s “Jagged Edge.” Be sure to see this new movie that’s so full of twists it could have been five new movie releases! “The Lincoln Lawyer” is going to be known as Matthew McConaughey’s best film. He plays a criminal defense attorney who finds himself in a real moral gray area and a professional sticky wicket when he finds out how manipulative his sneaky client is. Older moviegoers who are looking for the kind of movie that used to come out of Hollywood are going to love this movie picture and spread the word. Fans of Michael Connelly’s crime novels are also going to be rushing to theaters to see this terrific film.

John Romano adapted Connelly’s novel for the screen. It’s all about Mickey Haller, played by McConaughey, a shrewd attorney who meets clients in the backseat of his chauffeur driven Lincoln Town Car. He’s not the kind of big power attorney you’d expect. He’s the lowest of the low and lives off the creepiest members of society, making just enough money to pay child support to his ex-wife, played by Marisa Tomei, and their daughter. When he needs more money he decides to defend a rich young guy named Louis Roulet, who’s played by Ryan Phillippe. Roulet has been accused of murder and rape and might just not be as innocent as he claims to be. A cat and mouse game between Haller and Roulet ensues when Haller realizes that not only might Roulet be guilty but that he might also be guilty of a four year old crime for which one of Haller’s former clients, played by Michael Pena, is in prison. Mickey Haller now wants to get his old client out of prison but has to figure out how to manage that without breaking his attorney-client privilege with Louis Roulet.

Brad Furman does a remarkable job of directing “The Lincoln Lawyer.” It’s just the kind of movie that would have starred Paul Newman if it had been made in the ‘60s. It’s a showcase for a big movie star and features an amazing supporting cast as well. This is the second screenplay to come from one of Michael Connelly’s numerous crime novels. The first was “Blood Work” in 2002 – a bust for Clint Eastwood. It’s hard to believe that it’s taken so long for Hollywood to realize what great movie’s Connelly’s novels make. There’s something to be said for the fact that this kind of crime drama has not been particularly popular of late. This is a perfect role for McConaughey and it’s great to see him in a dramatic role after a string of bad romantic comedies. William H. Macy does a great job as a wily investigator and Tomei is the ex who still has some attraction for Haller. Phillippe does an amazing job of playing the spoiled LA rich kid. Frances Fisher has some good scenes as his mother. Other standout supporting actors include Josh Lucas, John Lequizamo, Bryan Cranston, and Trace Atkins.

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