The MatchMaker Movie Review

The MatchMaker Movie Review

Israeli Director Avi Nesher has put together a wonderfully old-fashioned production in his upcoming movie, “The Matchmaker”.

This new movie release was nominated for seven Israeli Acadamy Awards. It’s based on Amir Gutfreund’s novel, “When Heroes Fly” and is set in Haifa. It is the story of a young boy’s coming of age in the summer of 1968. That was a sexually liberated time but not that far removed from the Holocaust.

The movies cast includes Tuval Shafir as 16 year old Arik. Arik starts the summer with no expectations but when his father’s old friend, Yankele Bride, played by Adir Miller, a survivor of the Holocaust, arrives from Romania things change. Yankele travels around Haifa and works as a matchmaker.

Yankele offers Arik a job spying on matches he’s setting up to make sure that they are not in other relationships. Yankele works in the worst section of town, near the seaside, and full of all sorts of black marketers, prostitutes and even a couple of little people: a brother and sister who run the movie theater.

This area is pretty interesting to Arik but becomes even more interesting when his loose cousin Tamara, played by Neta Porat, shows up in Haifa rom America. She’s more than ready to spread around some of America’s free love ways.

Other actors include the tiny Bat-el-Papura playing Sylvia, who was tortured by Josef Mengele during the Holocaust, Maya Dagan, Bride’s girlfriend who is still haunted by Holocause memories.

Philippe Sarde’s music underscores the feeling of old Europe.

This film on the new movies list is not to be missed.

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