The Mechanic Movie Review

The Mechanic Movie Review

The upcoming movieThe Mechanic” is no better than the 1972 thriller which is the first version “The Mechanic.” Viewers are probably better off going to see “The American” which was directed by Anton Corbijin and is more like the first version of this new movie than the new movie is.

The new version of “The Mechanic” is a real B movie – slick and offering yet another opportunity to see Jason Statham play the same character he always seems to play. In this new movie picture his role is that of a hitman whose new protégé is the son of his most recent hit. Both Statham’s character and his protégé’s character could be interesting but neither can reveal any information which makes it difficult to find them interesting. Basically this leaves nothing but lots of bullets and cars that explode. If you like Statham you’ll like this new movie release as it includes loads of frowning on Statham’s part. Everybody else who goes to see the movie will just be looking to spend the evening at an action movie.

Statham, born in London, doesn’t fit into the New Orleans setting of this one of the year’s early movie releases. Statham plays Arthur Bishop. Bishop is a hitman who gets into his job when his boss needs somebody murdered quickly and quietly. The boss, Dean, is played by Tony Goldwyn. This kind of murder is Statham’s specialty. He spends lots of time looking over pictures and files about his soon-to-be victims. He also appears to be very sophisticated as evidenced by his listening to classical music on a record player while lounging in an Eames chair. He also has a mentor, named Harry, who’s played by Donald Sutherland. Harry uses a wheelchair and also embezzles from Dean. When Dean figures this out he calls on Arthur to kill his friend. At first Arthur doesn’t want to do it but then figures out a way to get Harry out of his office so he can be killed.

Simon West is the director of this movie. His specialty seems to be action movies that never quite make it. He starts off well with this movie. Arthur’s first hit is meant to show that he’s an expert, although it’s not as good as the opening sequence in the original movie. After a while though, so many cars have exploded that nothing seems very clever anymore. The viewer starts to wonder why such an expert hitman seems to have so many exploded vehicles around. Arthur’s partner, Steve, is Harry’s son. Steve is played by Ben Foster of “3:10 to Yuma.” Steve wants revenge for his father’s death which is why he becomes Arthur’s protégé. Arthur teaches him the ropes – how to stalk and kill quickly and quietly as well as how to listen to classical music on record players and sit in an Eames chair.

At least Steve has a reason for his actions – the need for revenge for his father’s death. Yet he channels his energy in unusual ways. Rather than a clean kill, his first assassination involves a terrible fistfight.

It would have been nice if there was even one moment of reflection in this film. One would think that a mechanic would be a thinking man. The mechanic in this movie is totally without thought.

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