The Next Three Days Movie Review

The Next Three Days Movie Review

Paul Haggis, director, moves on from politics to the story of a man trying to get his wife out of a twenty year prison sentence on a murder charge. His strategy is to plot her escape.

This new movie release is a remake of a recent French movie. Russell Crowe plays the husband, a teacher. Crowe doesn’t put much spark into his character and the result is a rather mediocre movie. This Lionsgate release is not going to be a box office sizzler.

Most of Haggis’ projects have revolved about people dealing with extreme conditions: “Crash”, “In the Valley of Elijah”, and scripts for “Million Dollar Baby” and “Iwo Jima.” This new film in the movie news is no different.

The Next Three Days” is adapted from “Anything for Her”, a 2008 film, that was directed by Fred Cavaye, and was written by Guillaume Lemans and Cavaye. It starred Vincent Lindon and Diane Kruger. It’s all about an English teacher at a two year college who tries to figure out how to spring his wife from jail.

John, played by Crowe, and Lara (played by Elizabeth Banks) Brennan, live in Pittsburgh with their six year old son Luke, played by Ty Simpkins. Until Lara is charged with murder, and then convicted, life is normal. Pittsburgh seems to be very high on the list as a favored location for new movie releases. “Love & Other Drugs” as well has “Unstoppable” were also filmed in Pittsburgh.

When it looks like Lara is certainly not going to get off of her charge of killing someone in a parking lot late at night, John comes to the conclusion that he’s going to have to get her out of prison. He takes his inspiration from the book “Don Quixote”, which he happens to be teaching in class at the moment. He interviews an author who was once in prison, played by Liam Neeson. This is one of the best scenes in this one of late falls new movie pictures.

At one point, in a scene that’s not so compelling, John goes to shady underworld figures for fake passports and I.Ds and meets up with a drug dealer, played by Kevin Corrigan.

John then posts all of his Internet research on jailbreaks where anyone can see them. He also runs into a beautiful mother on the playground, played by Olivia Wilde, who, in rather random scenes, would like to take his mind off his pain.

When the time comes for John to go ahead with his jail break scheme, viewers still don’t know if Lara will agree to John’s plan.

Due to a certain lack of passion in “The Next Three Days”, movie reviews predict that this is not going to be a hot new release, except perhaps, for big Russell Crowe fans.

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