The Pirates Band of Misfits Movie Review

The Pirates Band of Misfits Movie Review

If you are looking for a funny new movie to catapult you into the care free days of summer then look to the high seas for adventure. Pirates! Band of Misfits, and animated film directed by Peter Lord, will leave you chortling with glee for every second of the eighty-eight minutes of swashbuckling fun.

A product of Aardman studios, it is no wonder that Pirates! Band of Misfits is such a good time. It would be pretty hard to imagine that the same gurus responsible for Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit wouldn’t be able to deliver yet another cinematic treasure. Pirates is the story of Pirate Captain’s (Hugh Grant) quest to capture the ever-elusive Pirate of the Year Award. The plotline may seem suspect, but witty dialogue, cheerful humor and a cast as glitzy as a pirate’s treasure chest makes Pirates! Band of Misfits a smashing good time for anyone of any age.

For an animated film, Pirates certainly delivers in the character development department and Salma Hayek, Jeremy Piven, Imelda Staunton and David Tennant all lend a helping hand. There is plenty of slap-stick to keep the kids laughing and enough cultural allusions to keep the adults entertained—Charles Darwin makes an appearance. Grant is charming and goofy as Pirate Captain and his misadventures take us from London to Blood Island and everywhere in between.

Pirate fever is burns steadily in film culture, and with the recent success of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean series, Aardman know what it is doing by capitalizing on the popularity of the Jolly Roger. The music is great, the humor hits the bull’s eye and the laughs just keep coming—Pirate! Band of Misfits is one of the top 10 movies playing now and it should definitely be on the top of your movie to-do list.

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