The Romantics Movie Review

The Romantics Movie Review

Just screened at the Sundance Film Festival, the upcoming movieThe Romantics” isn’t quite finished. There’s no musical score and there will be a few changes. Unfortunately, we’re not sure whether writer and producer Galt Niederhoffer, in this first attempt at directing, can do much to add interest to a rather dull movie.

The Romantics does not promise to be a good box office movie. Wedding movies are popular but this rather ambiguous film lands somewhere between a soap opera, comedy and fluffy genre movie. The characters are poorly developed and this is odd as Niederhoffer wrote the movie from her own book. Movies reviews will not be kind to “The Romantics”.

This movie on the new movies list is set in a big, old, white, mansion with lots of rooms that has the beach for a front lawn. The stage is set for all sorts of evening chicanery and lots of drinking.

The central story is that the groom, Tom, played by Josh Duhamel, has been wanted for a long period of time by both the bride, Lila, played by Anna Paquin and the maid of honor, Laura, played by Katie Holmes. But who won her man here?

Unfortunately, Niederhoffer has not fleshed out the other characters so that the viewer will not understand some of the other relationships. The most impressive character is Katie Holmes who is also the executive producer of this one of movies coming soon. Although Holmes is the maid of honor and not the bride, she overshadows Paquin’s character who lays low until near the end of the film. Duhamel’s character is not very charismatic.

The drinking in the movie is over the top, starts early and never stops. Overindulgence in alcohol continues in the woods, at a guesthouse, in the attic, on the beach and everywhere else and libidos and tongues are set loose.

Viewers will enjoy “The Romantics” for what it is – another wedding/getting old friends together genre flick – with drunken toasts, lots of gossip, surprise romantic clinches, the expected wedding dress problems and the turn to sentimentality.

Since this is Niederhoffer’s first attempt at directing, it’s unfortunate that she couldn’t have come up with some fresher material. Here’s hoping that her next foray into directing is a little more creative.

If this is your genre, see the movie. Otherwise, stay home.

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