The Roommate Movie Review

The Roommate Movie Review

This upcoming movie lacks imagination. What the audience will remember is the makeup budget. New movie, “The Roommate,” does not lack for foundation and lip gloss. There are also a lot of sepia filters used to create atmosphere. This new movie release is going to attract lots of viewers this weekend and then drop off quickly.

Leighton Meester’s character in “The Roommate,” Sara Matthews, is a student at “ULA,” the fictional University of Los Angeles. She’s a transplant from Des Moines, although moviegoers might think she’s from one of Manhattan’s classier neighborhoods. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Her roommate, Rebecca, played by Minka Kelly, is a rich townie. She’s subdued and wants to be not only an artist but Sara’s closest friend. She wants to fill the hole left in Sara’s heart by the death of her older sister.

Rebecca’s first thing to do in “The Roommate” is to frighten naughty girl, Tracy, played by Aly Michalka, right off their hall. The shower scene in this part of “The Roommate” may be the best scene in the movie. Next, in this movie picture, she goes after Sara’s professor of Design, played by Bill Zane. After that she gets the ex boyfriend from high school, Sara’s current boyfriend, played by Cam Gigandet, and then a seamstress that Sara knows from Des Moines, Irene, played by Danneel Harris. Sara also adopts a kitten, Cuddles. Poor little Cuddles meets her maker in the laundry room. We don’t have to watch this, thanks to ASPCA rules.

Director Christian E. Christiansen and writer Sonny Mallhi, haven’t gone out of their way to imbue this one of 2011’s new movie releases with any subtext or subtlety. It’s possible that they fell prey to the worries about their PG-13 rating, although it’s hard to imagine that making the picture racier would make it any better.

The soundtrack is pop song syrup and doesn’t make the thriller any more thrilling. Rebecca reminds you more of Barbie on drugs than a relentless killer. This movie really plays like a bad knock-off of Single White Female.

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