The Social Network Movie Review

The Social Network Movie Review

This box office movie is about Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg, the guy who came up with the idea of Facebook, the social media phenomenon that’s taken the world by storm.

Upcoming movie, “The Social Network”, is about a man who doesn’t care about money, manages to become a millionaire, becomes entangled in a long legal battle and loses his one real friend. The way that Facebook was founded is still in legal limbo but Zuckerberg surely founded it – according to the movie.

Aaron Sorkin wrote the movie and it’s based on a book by Ben Mezrich, “The Accidental Billionaires.” Sorkin also did research for the movie. Neither Mezrich nor Sorkin ever spoke with Zuckerberg. According to Mezrich and Sorkin, Zuckerberg gains everything but loses that which means the most to him. This is all based on what the two writers could glean from news sources and public information.

It’s possible that The Social Network may not only win oodles of awards but also be a box office gold mine. Sorkin, director David Fincher and the producers have done a smart film that will get both great movie ratings and reviews and business at the box office.

Zuckerberg’s fatal flaw is obvious right in the first scene of the movie. Zuckerberg, a Harvard undergraduate, is in a restaurant in Cambridge having dinner with his girlfriend Erica, played by Rooney Mara. He’s talking nonstop. His own ego and unrelenting sarcasm finally get to Erica. She breaks up with him. Oddly enough, the guy who invented the world’s biggest social networking tool has social networking problems.

Mark goes home, gets hammered, and invents something called Facemash. He hacks into Harvard’s computer system and gets hold of all of the pictures from all of the “Facebooks” of each university dorm and polls students about which girls they find to be the hottest.

The idea catches on. Zuckerberg causes the crash of Harvard’s computer system and then manages to get in trouble with Harvard. He also gets the attention of a twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (played by Arnie Hammer and Josh Pence with some special effects help), who want to create a website for students to meet each other and maybe get some dates.

They go to Zuckerberg but he goes to his friend Eduardo Savarin, played by Andrew Garfield, so that he can finance Zuckerberg’s idea. Zuckerberg also wants to use some of the ideas of the Winklevoss twins.

The rest of the movie is all about legalities. When Facebook is a billion dollar proposition, there are lawsuits galore. Everybody, including the Winklevoss twins, their partner Diwya Narendra, played by Max Minghella, and Eduardo are all suing Zuckerberg.

Sorkin covers every one of the complainants scenarios about the creation of Facebook. The story becomes one of betrayal, power, and revenge. The characters are excellent and Fincher does a great job in depicting the different locales in which this new movie takes place.

Early screeners have come back with the complaint that nobody in the movie is very appealing. Well, how many original characters are terribly appealing? Mark Zuckerberg is not very likeable but he’s certainly an American original. He has no fashion sense, social sense or civility. He relates better to computers than he does to people. The dialogue that Sorkin probably got from transcripts is brilliant.

The only really “nice” character is Eduardo Savarin, who seems to care about Zuckerberg. The rest of the movies cast really is quite unappealing.

Other parts of this movie on the new movies list, like the cinematography, the score and the production design are brilliant.

When all is said and done, “The Social Network” is about a man who is seen as brilliant in this technical age, yet at another time would have been thought to be crazy, or a drag on society. Unfortunately, as brilliant as he is, he still can’t seem to lead a normal life or keep the people in his life who are important to him.

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