The Sorcerers Apprentice Movie Review

The Sorcerers Apprentice Movie Review

There’s nothing new to be had in Disney’s upcoming movie The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. It’s just another summer movie, repetitive and overdone in Disney’s tradition of thunderbolts flying from wizard’s hands, strange mirrors that do strange things and Fire-breathing dragons.

Lots of time is spent explaining the background of the movie and then explaining it one more time so you know what caused all of the present action and all of the magic. In the end, it’s another story of good and evil and the fate of the whole world is again up in the air. That seems to happen in an awful lot of box office movies lately.

The movies cast includes Nicholas Cage who plays Balthazar Blake who is a 1,400 year old wizard in the tradition of Merlin the magician. He has been searching all that time for a young boy who is to help him defeat the followers of Merlin who are out to destroy the world using an army of the dead. Cage is looking for The Prime Merlinean.

The Prime Merlinean is a New York student of phyiscs played by Jay Baruchel. The geeky Baruchel has met Balthazar ten years before and is still suffering from the psychological backlash of this meeting as well as the problems it has caused in his relationship with his would be girlfriend Becky Barnes, played by Teresa Palmer.

Just as things are looking good for Baruchel and his relationship with Becky, who should turn up but Balthazar Blake, looking suspiciously like someone who’s been living under a bridge in Brooklyn. It ‘s Balthazar’s job to teach Baruchel everything he knows in time to defeat the armies of death, ruled by Maxim Horvath, played well by Alfred Molina. With all of the horror going around, you would think that Balthazar would carefully explain why Baruchel must give up his pursuit of that elusive date with Becky and save the world. But no, that’s not what happens.

Maxim also has an apprentice named Drake Stone who is played by Toby Kebell. Drake is a magician who is treated poorly by Maxim.

Nothing in the movie ever seems to be magical, despite the magic mirrors and all that. Every part of the movie seems to have been inspired by some other movie. Baruchel does a good job at playing the nerdy hero of the movie, Molina is, as always, very good, and Kebell displays talent but is given nowhere to go with it. Other members of the cast, Alice Krige and Monica Bellucci, play both good and evil sorcerers in one body at times. This is mostly confusing.

It is not to be forgotten that this is a Disney movie and that it is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and stars Nicholas Cage. It will undoubtedly, therefore, be a box office movie success. Families will be coming all summer to see this movie that has a famous Disney title.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is the seventh time that Cage has worked with Bruckheimer. Things are starting to meld together and the film seems to lack freshness.

As for Cage, his character is nothing but lots of messy hair, a wizardly wardrobe and some special effects. If you’re hoping to see Cage at his best, send the kids to “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, Disney’s addition to this summer’s new movie list, with the babysitter, and go down to the video store and rent “Con Air.” You’ll be glad you did.

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