The Virginity Hit Movie Review

The Virginity Hit Movie Review

Directors and Screenwriters of this title on the new movies list, “The Virginity Hit”, Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland are recently responsible for “Mail Order Wife” and have also written the screenplay for the mocumentary, “The Last Exorcism”.

This particular mocumentary seems to be a feeble attempt to bring the oversexed teenager movie into the 21st century. Producers include Will Ferrell and Adam McKay and this soon upcoming movie is very similar to what a viewer might find on their Funny or Die Internet site.

This extremely crude comedy is based on the attempts of a group of teenagers to help their nerdy friend Matt, played by Matt Bennett, give up his virginity. Nicole Weaver plays his very frustrated girlfriend, Nicole. The reason the teens are so intent on helping Matt have sex is because a video they were making that was to include the loss of his virginity has gone viral on the Internet.

This is another one of those movies coming soon that takes its cue from “The Blair Witch Project” in using a twitchy hand held camera to get that documentary feel.

There are going to be a lot of teenagers who will enjoy this box office movie but there’s nothing about it that makes it any different from the slew of horny teenager movies that are already out there. However, “The Virginity Hit” offers enough laughs, and the movies cast looks enough like skinny teenagers, that with the right marketing, this new film might be a big success.

Vulgar but funny. See it for the laughs!

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