The Warriors Way Movie Review

The Warriors Way Movie Review

This new movie release is a mash up of so many different movie genres and types of heroes that it’s difficult to even discuss it. For the price of one ticket you get samurais, cowboys, gangsters, spaghetti westerns, ninjas, martial artists, knife throwers and circus performers! This Movie is Directed by Sngmoo Lee. Unfortunately some of these things are not a natural mix in this new movie

There are some amusing moments in the upcoming movie, for sure. The digital department, designers and cinematographer went crazy with a feeling of the exotic: a sort of Arizona road to Mongolia, full of matte paintings and beautiful skies behind what appears to be a ghost town. Other than for actor Jang Dong Gun of Korea, the cast mugs wildly. In one scene Danny Huston and Geoffrey Rush get into a scene chewing contest!

Gun plays an Asian warrior who happens to be the greatest swordsman in the world. When his clan gets after him because he’s refused to kill a baby girl, the last remaining member of a rival gang, he runs off to the American desert. Gun seems to have an empty acting style, much the way his eyes are described by the narrator at the beginning of the film. He has an excuse though, in that this is his first English speaking movie.

Gun drags the giggly baby around in various totes until he finds a town in the desert in which to settle. For no apparent reason, a carnival has moved to town and intends to stay.

Gun is in the desert to visit a Chinese friend who has died, unbeknownst to Gun. So he takes over the friend’s laundry business with the help of Lynne, played by Kate Bosworth. She’s young and is a gun thrower. Rush plays the town drunk who will soon have his real gun fighting talents revealed.

A gang of bad guys torment this town, called Lode. Huston is the leader of the gang and once intended to rape Lynne, failed, and killed her entire family to make up for it. Lynne, of course, is out for revenge and Gun will teach her all he knows about swordsmanship and knife fighting.

At the climax of the movies, deadly ninjas stave off murdering cowboys and swords, guns, dynamite, a Gatling gun, knives, and believe it or not, a Ferris wheel, are used as weapons. At the end, there are more dead bodies than there were people in the town. It seems that a few of the dead have risen and are fighting again!

Lee has really choreographed the fight. It’s to be taken as artistic.

The mythological look of the film is thanks to a New Zealand based production that involves green screen techniques and partial sets as well as CGI and matte paintings. Due to the globalization of the cinema, various contributions to the film come from Europe, the US, Austrailia, Asia and India.

When the movie is over, prepare to be a little bit stunned. It feels as if you were at a midnight movie marathon where samurai and cowboys mix it up with guns in one movie picture!

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