The Whistleblower Movie Review

The Whistleblower Movie Review

Rachel Weisz stars in the new movie release, The Whistleblower, a political thriller based on fact. It’s about a Nebraska policewoman who witnesses the atrocity of human trafficking when she joins a U.N. team in post war Serbia.

This is Larysa Kondracki’s directorial debut and is a Canadian/German co-production. It’s not as good as it possibly could have been but it’s not the fault of Rachel Weisz. She gives a great performance as Kathryn Bolkovac.

The Whistleblower” still hasn’t been acquired but surely will be.

The story takes place in 1999. Bolkovac is a London Police Officer who is trying to move closer to her ex-husband who has custody of their daughter.

Suddenly Bolkovac is offered the opportunity to work as a U.N. peackeeper for a$100,000 and she leaps at the chance.

In Serbia, Bolkovac’s stay is extended by the Head of the Human Rights Commission, Madeleine Rees, played by Vanessa Redgrave. Bolkovac has been promoted to the Gender Office where she will deal with investigations of sexual assault. On the job she uncovers human trafficking schemes that are traceable back to other peacekeepers.

Parts of the upcoming movie The Whistleblower are so violent as to be difficult to watch. Eilis Kirwan and Larysa Kondracki wrote the script, which was strongly researched.

The problem with this box office movie is that it’s a little slow – missing the pace and tension of a better political thriller.

Weisz, however, is very convincing in her role. She’s very believable as Bolkovac, a woman determined to save the young girls who have been sold into the sex trade, even though it stops her from being with her teenage daughter.

Both Vanessa Redgrave and David Strathairn are excellent in their roles of supporting movies cast members.

See the The Whistleblower and enjoy the performances by a great cast.

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