Idris Elba Signs Up for Thor 2

Idris Elba Signs Up for Thor 2
Idris Elba made his way into the movie news having confirmed that he is ready to reprise his role as Heimdall, the mythical guard of the gates of Asgard, in Thor 2. The decision not only allows him to expand his acting repetoire, but also gives him the chance to be a part of what will undoubtedly be one of the top action movies of 2013.

According to an interview in Collider, Elba would “just like to get to know him [Heimdall] a bit more.” Elba is fascinated by the character and is intrigued by the fact that Thor 2 offers the opportunity for him to explore Asgard’s muscleman in greater depth. “Who is Heimdal? He guards the gate. Okay. Is there anything else?” Elba admits he hasn’t yet read the script, but given the acting chops he has displayed in The Wire, it is a sure bet that he will bring the audience a fresh new perspective on Norse mythology’s bouncer.

In addition to Thor 2, Elba has a packed summer coming up. He will star in Ridley Scott’s new movie Prometheus and is set to play Nelson Mandela in Long Walk to Freedom.

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