Unknown Movie Review

Unknown Movie Review

Jaume Collet-Sierra’s thriller, new movieUnknown,” may not do as well as “Taken” in 2010, but Warner Bros. may be looking at figures similar to the $145M that movie made for them in movie.”

Liam Neeson is a scientist who goes to Berlin to attend a big conference at a bigger, fancy hotel with his wife, played by January Jones. They’re planning on visiting with a prince from Saudi Arabia while changing the world’s future. But then Neeson loses his briefcase and is in a crash in the taxi he’s riding in and ends up in a coma in the hospital. When he comes around, a man, played by Aidan Quinn, has taken over Neeson’s life, wife, career, passport, and even his face in pictures. It’s Thanksgiving, too, so there’s no help from the American Embassy and, to top it off, his friends aren’t answering their phones.

We’ll give you a hint here: Neeson isn’t dead. Now you can see the movie picture without thinking there’s a “Sixth Sense” vibe to it. Neeson is excellent in this new movie release. He’s 58, has the solid body of an ex-boxer, and a kind of nobility about him. He’s also one of the few actors in Hollywood who can look natural talking about genetics, strangling a jerk, and having a wife that’s thirty years younger than him.

January Jones is the weakness in this one of the winter’s new movie releases. She’s almost robotic in reading her lines, rather than mesmerizing the audience with her lies until they believe everything she says. Everything about her appears to be fake – the way she moves, even her kisses. She looks a bit like a blonde in a Hitchcock movie.

The miscasting of Jones keeps “Unknown” off the great movies list, but there are plenty of great things about “Unknown” like the taxi chase and Diane Kreuger, the German actress who plays an illegal immigrant in Germany. It’s unfortunate that Krueger is the most easily recognized German Actress to be seen in Hollywood. The bad guys are really, really bad and Bruno Ganz, Hitler in “Downfall,” is excellent as a retired Stasi officer.

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