Unstoppable Movie Review

Unstoppable Movie Review

New movie release, “Unstoppable,” directed by Tony Scott, is going to be – unstoppable! It’s the best new blue collar/action film in ages. Scott may have failed with this last train movie, “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three,” but this new movie is sure to be a big box office hit. It’s going to be one of this year’s top action movies. It’s a thriller that’s very satisfying in its simplicity.

The movie may also have a big impact on Middle America, due to its focus on angry folks who live uneventful lives on the sidelines of American life.

Oddly enough, “Unstoppable” seems to mirror the discontent of Americans reflected in the results of the recent political elections. The future isn’t looking so good, there’s a lot of rawness between members of different classes, and life just doesn’t seem to be running along as smoothly as it should.

Mark Bomback, who wrote the screenplay, didn’t know about the results of the election when he wrote this movie that will undoubtedly show up a lot in movie news. However, this odd turn of events is a good thing for the movie.

The train itself is the biggest character in the film: moaning, groaning, sparkling and thrusting itself through the entire movie.

The script was inspired by a true story that occurred in 2001. A 47 car freight train loaded with liquid phenol acid, a toxic substance, somehow left the station without an engineer and ran through the state of Ohio for more than two hours before it was brought under control. The cast of characters is mostly working class stiffs, who are all angry and who all have an attitude that’s reflected in their work.

On the day that the train runs away, engineer Frank, played by Denzel Washington, is joined by conductor Will, played by Chris Pine. Frank has daughters who work at Hooters and Will has a wife with a restraining order against him. Frank doesn’t much care for Will as he’s very young and has family connections to local politics. Frank is a veteran of the train yard and suffers from the same low morale that most of the other workers suffer from.

At some point the fat, sloppy engineer, played by Ethan Suplee, leaves the cab to reset a switch and then realizes that the train is leaving the yard and he can’t get onboard. At one point the train, or “coaster”, is on a collision course with a train filled with kids. Once that little bit of action defuses the rest of the time is available to fill with suspense and action.

Train traffic manager Connie, played by Rosario Dawson, tries to track the “missile” and avert catastrophe. Galvin, the boss played by Kevin Dunn, has the ultimate power of making the decision as to whether to derail the train, which would cause it to explode toxins all over populated areas, or to let it keep running. Pretty soon Fox News picks up the story and follows the train with police helicopters.

Unstoppable” is a gritty, American film that’s well worth seeing.

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