Waiting for Superman Movie Review

Waiting for Superman Movie Review

Davis Guggenheim tackles public education in this upcoming movie documentary.

Waiting for Superman”, a film on the new movies list, is another one of Guggenheim’s movies that, are aimed at problems that will probably never be solved. It won’t have the appeal of his box office movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

In the beginning, Guggenheim admits that while he is a supporter of public education that he sends his own children to private schools. This revelation seems to make it all the sadder for the four black and Latino kids in “Waiting for Superman” who can’t pay for private schools so are dependent on a lottery to get spots in schools that are better than some of the other local schools.

This new movie release spends a lot of time on statistics about the decline of schools, how awful teaches’ unions are and why they cause bad schools, and stories of school reform.

Of the people in the movie who speak about reform, Geoffrey Canada of Harlem Children Zone is probably the best. In one of several movie quotes he claims that he used to believe that it might take him “two, maybe three years” to fix the whole educations system all by himself.

The movie misses certain issues. It doesn’t mention standardized testing, for instance. It does mention other practices that will enrage viewers, like the fact that New York spends $65 million a year to keep bad teachers on salary while waiting for charges against them to be addressed.

The movies photography is sharp and the pace is quick. Waiting for Superman is trying to appeal to a large audience and isn’t expected to tackle every educational issue. It would be nice if it delved into the fact that there are successful schools.

If education is an issue on your mind, go see “Waiting for Superman”.

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