Wall Street Money Never Sleeps Movie Review

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps Movie Review

This sequel to Oliver Stone’s 1987 “Wall Street” is one of the best sequels that has been produced in quite a while. Actor’s Shia La Beouf, Josh Brolin, Carey Mulligan and Michael Douglas, in his reprise of his role as Gordon Gekko, are sure to draw in viewers of all ages.

Back in the day, when the 1987 film was shot, Wall Street was relegated to the unread portions of the newspaper. There were lots of deals, trading, and millions of dollars changed hands. Wall Street was a bit of a mystery to everyday citizens.

Wall Street today is flashed all over the news: unemployment, corporate downsizing, the bank bailout, big Wall Street tycoons still raking in the big money.

Writers Allan Loeb and Stephen Schiff as well as Stone have traded on the knowledge of viewers today and gotten a little revenge on Wall Street excesses by producing a film about a couple of young people with good intentions who want to invest in green energy while the black and ugly deals of Wall Street swirl around them.

This fast paced movie about the new Wall Street is sure to be a big movies box office draw this summer.

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