Whats Wrong With Virginia Movie Review

Whats Wrong With Virginia Movie Review

Don’t expect this box office movie to do well this fall.

Oscar winner, Dustin Lance Black, mocks himself in this satire of his own movie, “Milk”. Jennifer Connelly plays a schizophrenic mother with a cigarette problem who’s having a kinky affair with the sheriff, played by Ed Harris, who is not only married but a Mormon to boot. She’s also faking her pregnancy.

At one point she holds up a bank wearing a gorilla mask and a nightgown as a disguise. She also has a growth in her chest that’s causing a cough that is getting worse all the time.

What’s “Wrong with Virginia” is just all over the place. This upcoming movie is meant to be an attack on small town religious beliefs, fueled by Black’s own Mormon childhood. Instead, it gets too campy.

This new movie release is coming out in Canada rather than in the United States through e One Films. United States audiences would probably not have stood for it.

What’s wrong with Virginia” is being considered Black’s debut as a director, although he was the director of the 2000 film, “The Journey of Jared Price.” Since the movie starts with Debbie Reynolds singing “Tammy” and lots of melodrama, you would think you would see a direction forming.

But then Virginia comes on set, looking like a reject from a bad production of a “Streetcar Named Desire.” Now things have changed.

Member of the movies cast, Harrison Gilbertson plays Virginia’s teenage son, Emmett. He’s trying to stick up for his mother and protect her but he’s got issues of his own. He has imaginary talks with a race car driver who he believes is really his father.

While all this is going on, Sheriff Tipton is also running for state senator. Amy Madigan plays his wife (and is, in fact his real life wife) who wanders around their house in a daze.

Most of the time, the audience will be trying to figure out what happened in this movie. And to this movie. Don’t even bother to turn off the TV. There’s a whole lot wrong with Virginia, and this movie as well.

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