Who Killed Nancy

Who Killed Nancy

This upcoming movie documentary, directed by Alan G. Parker, is about the death of Nancy Spungen(Sophie Boyes), the then girlfriend of famous punker Sid Vicious.

Director Parker is a well known authority about the Sex Pistols and Sid Vicious, having written numerous books and having made several documentaries about the group. This documentary is based on Parker’s book “Sid Vicious: No One is Innocent.” This book was written at the request of Sid’s mother who committed suicide in 1996.

This box office movie never proves or disproves Vicious’ guilt but makes a good case for his innocence. Parker dwells on all the reasons that one might disagree with the NYPD decision that Vicious had stabbed Spungen to death. Vicious died of a drug overdose prior to the trial.

Parker points out that Vicious took a giant dose of Tuinol, a barbiturate, just before Spungen was murdered – a dose so large that Vicious would have been unconscious during Spungen’s murder. The NYPD also found the fingerprints of six suspicious people in the room where Spungen’s body was found at The Chelsea Hotel. None of those people were ever interrogated. Supposedly, there was plenty of money in the hotel room as Vicious had just been paid for recent work. No money was found in the room. The knife with which Spungen was killed was found in the room but wiped clean of her blood.

There are lots of anecdotes and testimonials from people who knew Vicious and Spungen including Sex Pistols member Glen Matlock, roadies and groupies.

Unfortunately, there’s really not enough here to support a box office movie. The editing is not clean and there are loads of B movie type re-enactments of what happened and poorly done graphics.

Chances are good that no one will ever know what really happened that night in 1978 at The Chelsea Hotel or who was to blame for Nancy Spungen’s death.

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