Winnebago Man movie Review

Winnebago Man movie Review

“Winnebago Man”, one of the new movies playing in theaters in New York this week, is expected to be a bigger box office movie success than many other movies playing now.

Why is this movie expected to be so successful? Winnebago Man is expected to be a big success because it is one of the genre of new movies that are based on the director of the movie, in this case Ben Steinbauer, stalking the subject of the movie.

Other documentary directors have attempted to find Osama Bin Laden or get a date with Drew Barrymore. Steinbauer decided to search for the guy who “starred” in a viral video on YouTube called “Winnebago Man.” Before YouTube, this man, Jack Rebney, was all over the place on an underground videotape.

Jack Rebney, who was 76 at the time the Winnebago commercial was filmed, was the narrator of a sales video on a particularly hot day that involved way too many flies and a lot of profanity on Rebney’s part. Behind the profanity it was easy to see that Rebney possessed a great sense of humor. Steinbauer grew his obsession with Rebney into the Kino International film Winnebago Man on the new movies list for this summer of 2010. Why Steinbauer decided to track down Rebney is an interesting question. It doesn’t seem that he could have been in search of anything good. He was even discouraged by a cable access show in Texas that felt that finding Rebney might actually ruin the good time one had from watching him on YouTube. Steinbauer, however, persisted.

Steinbauer hired a private detective and discovered Rebney living in Northern California and employed as a caretaker in an out of the way resort.

At first you would think that Steinbauer has done just what the guys in Texas had warned him about. He may have caused the aura surrounding Rebney to dissapate. But Rebney, who at one point was a broadcaster himself, had things to say and ideas to share. Steinbrauer, though, just seems to be looking for the foul mouthed subject of viral video “Winnebago Man” while Rebney has thoughts to share and Steinbauer keeps coming back for more, hoping perhaps for another incident like the viral video. but gets little other than a lot more colorful language from Rebney.

The two verbally duke it out until a friend of Rebney’s, Keith Gordon, along with Steinbauer, take Rebney to the Found Footage Festival in San Franciso. He makes a special appearance for fans from both his VHS and YouTube days. What happens at the festival is sure to touch movie goers’ hearts.

So kudos to Rebney. He, rather than Steinbauer, is the deserving one.

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