X-Men First Class Movie Review

X-Men First Class Movie Review

New movie X-Men: First Class is a real “shot in the arm” to the X-Men franchise, which has become weaker and weaker. It can be said that upcoming movie X-Men is the best of the many Marvel Comics spinoffs that have shown up in theaters in the past few years. It’s packed full of young energy and is confident and just full of itself! According to movie forums this newmovie release will be huge all over the planet.

The ghost of James Bond seems to hang over this film which is often British in tone. The setting is 1962 and full of the tension of the Cold War, a time when 007 first hit the Big Screens. The style and hardware of the movie are reminiscent of the ‘60s and are very appealing today. The dashing Michael Fassbender, who plays Erik, the one who will become Magneto, will remind viewers of Sean Connery in early Bond movies. X-Men: First Class, written by Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz, Sheldon Turner, Bryan Singer, Jane Goldman, and Matthew Vaughn, does not follow the comic’s backstory. The story proposes that the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis involved manipulations by creatures with Super Powers and that men like Kennedy, Castro, the CIA, and all of the global forces combined were just doing the bidding of these Super Powers. In fact, the Super Powers were the Gods of Olympus, some of whom hoped for the extermination of the human race.

The story begins, as did the original X-Men, at Auschwitz. Here the youthful Erik, who has been challenged to display his magnetic powers, sees his mother killed by the camp doctor, played by Kevin Bacon. This occurrence is the beginning of everything that happens in the rest of the film. At the same time, two children in Westchester, New York, Charles and Raven, start to exhibit some odd behaviors which will, twenty years later, push them right to the front of mutant events.

Just like the thrillers of the ‘60s, “X-Men: First Class” jumps all over the world, from Geneva to Oxford, to Las Vegas, and then Argentina, Miami, and Washington, D.C. This is all to introduce a huge array of characters and their special powers. Vaughn is excellent at keeping things sorted out and dramatic. While this is going on, Erik is searching the world for Nazis, the highlight of which is a confrontation between Erik and two Nazis he finds in a tavern in Argentina.) Charles, played by James McAvoy, is now becoming academically successful and Raven, played by Jennifer Lawrence has been recruited by the CIA and will soon begin putting together a “Division of Mutant Powers.”

The movie develops amazing tension and momentum. Soon the evil camp doctor shows up in the guise of “Sebastian Shaw,” who can now soak up, use, and send out energy. His sexy partner Emma Frost, played by January Jones, is extremely telepathic and also has a diamond coating that is indestructible. When Erik finds them on a yacht and is ready to take his revenge, they manage to escape – just like they would were this a Bond movie.

Erik had been a loner but soon decides to team up with Charles under a strange CIA man played by Oliver Platt and an agent with a sense of adventure played by Rose Byrne. This is when the movie picture seems more like a traditional Marvel Comic movie. The mutants, Hank/Beast, played by Nicholas Hoult; Alex/Havoc, played by Lucas Till; Sean/Banshee, played by Caleb Landry Jones; Armondo/Darwin, played by Edi Gathegi, and Angel, played by Zoe Kravitzare trained to master their odd talents.

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