You Again Movie Review

You Again Movie Review

You Again is one pathetic film on the new movies list. And this upcoming movie has one great cast, too. Members of the movies cast include Jamie Lee Curtis, Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver and Betty White. No actor should have to work as hard as these actors in this Touchstone Pictures film do to wring a laugh out of the audience.

Disney has lots of ads out there to sell “You Again” but it won’t last long once a few people go and see it. Box office movieYou Again” is not going to do well at the box office.

The screenplay, by Moe Jelline, combines two comedy genres: wedding movie and school reunion movie. Assuming that events such as these bring out people’s worst traits, Jelline has Bell, a smart, young Public Relations exec, flying home for her brother’s wedding. Her brother, played by James Wolk, is marrying a woman, played by Odette Yustman, who turns out to be Bell’s worst enemy in high school. One has to wonder how the brother could have managed to miss the fact that his sister hates his fiancé. To top things off, the groom’s mother (Curtis) finds out that the bride’s aunt is HER high school nemesis (Weaver.)

Once you figure out that all of this is reverting back to high school form, you have this whole movie on the list of movies playing now figured out.

Andy Fickman as the director does poorly with the acting being really strained and a lot of poor slapstick comedy ruining scenes.

Everything in the movie is overdone. In one scene, a wedding planner even drops from the ceiling and performs a theme dance.

Betty White owns the only funny line in the movie. And then, to add insult to injury, the girl SHE hated in high school shows up!

You Again, Don’t even bother.

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